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Organizing tech events is complex, we simplify it.

EVENTLAMA is built and used by people who run big tech events. We know it's a lot of work, you need to build a web site, a mobile app, add speakers one by one, set up a call for paper, manage sponsors keep track of social media, manage orders, tickets, refunds, leads and more!
We make all these daunting tasks just one click away so you can relax and spend more time focusing on making your attendee experience awesome with great innovative features that will make your customers love you.


Managing your event

We provide great tools to manage your orders, attendees, discounts, surveys, sponsors, invoices, talks schedule and even basic accounting to help you with your VAT reporting each month to save you time! We will also automatically email people on the waiting list when a specific ticket goes on sale.


EventLama is your showcase to the World

Organizing an event is not just about selling tickets, it's also telling the world about your event and who you are. Eventlama creates for you a beautiful, responsive and offline-first event page showing your logo, description, list of speakers, schedule, venue map and sponsors. All this is generated automatically for you from our control panel.

Designed for Devs and Tech Events

We generate a call for paper for you so you don't have to. We have special workshop and hackathon tickets that require the purchase of regular conference ticket first. We also have special github discount features, for each commit to a repository of your choice, the customer gets 1% discount.

How it works

We want to help you organize your event by making things fast, easy and automatically generated where possible with a big emphasize on UX.


Fill in all you event's details: name, venue, logo, description, VAT amount. Then just connect your Stripe account, create your first ticket and done! You now have a professional looking event page and tickets page.


Tell the world about your event, keep track of visitors to your event page with your own Google analytics account and email people subscribed to your waiting list.


With our complete control panel, you can visualize the progress of your sales, latest attendees, orders, sponsors, call for paper and more. Invite private collaborators to help you managing your event.

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Our pricing


EventLama is completely free until the 15th of July of 2018 besides the Stripe fee. Starting July 15th 2018, we will start charging a 1% fee per ticket only and starting October 15th 2018, we will start offering the following plans:


per ticket


per Year
  • FREE
  • Maximum charge per ticket €7.00

per ticket


per Year
  • Maximum charge per ticket €4.50

per ticket


per Year
  • Maximum charge per ticket €2.00

per ticket


per Year
  • GOLD
  • Maximum charge per ticket €0.89

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